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Yong-ju, KIM Partner

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Introduction to Lawyer
Yong-ju, KIMPartner

Jeonju High School

Seoul National University LL.B.


The 16th Korea National Bar Exam

Completed 6th Judicial Research and Training Institute

Army Law Officer

Judge, Busan District Court Masan Branch Court

Judge, Busan District Court

Judge, Incheon District Court

Judge, Seoul Family Court

Judge, Seoul High Court

Research Judge, The Supreme Court

Presiding Judge, Jeonju District Court

Presiding Judge, Suwon District Court

Presiding Judge, Seoul Southern District Court

Presiding Judge, Seoul Central District Court

Founding Lawyer at Hwabaek Lawfirm

Advisory Committee Member, KEPCO Customer Protection 

Committee Member, Seoul Central District Court Civil Arbitration

Director, Korean Bar Association

Partner Lawyer, Hwawoo Lawfirm

Chairperson, Seoul Western District Court Mediation Center

Partner, Sanwoo Lawfirm