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Based in Seoul, Sanwoo is one of the premier law firms in Korea.
With attorneys, Sanwoo has a diverse mix of attorneys, former government officials and other specialists in various practice areas who have worked together in teams to deal with issues critical to our clients.
1. Identity 
Sanwoo adopted its name to embody our clients. Sanwoo means “a friend like an umbrella” in Korean, which can embrace people warmly. In addition, its name reflects the firm‘s capabilities to deal with various legal matters, ranging from small businesses to both Korean conglomerates and major multinational corporations. Many of our professionals speak more than one foreign language and have worked in other countries. Equipped with familiarity and experience to assist international clients' business, we solve the most challenging legal issues on cross-border transactions. Sanwoo is recognized as one of leading law firms that can work with international clients on a daily basis.
2. “one-stop” service from consulting to litigation. 
At Sanwoo, we provide a fully integrated, one-stop legal service for our clients. By leveraging our multifaceted expertise and broad experience, we help our clients successfully to navigate through today’s dynamic environment to solve complex business challenges. Sanwoo is a full-service law firm committed to providing the highest quality legal service and customized solutions with professionals, including former government officials, accountants, and industry experts. In addition, our litigation team consists of former prosecutors or judges. Their extensive experience has helped our clients obtain the best results. At Sanwoo, we place high importance on highest quality legal skills, positioning the firm as the market leader in meeting the legal needs of our clients.
3. Best legal services for the success of our clients 
Sanwoo will always be with you with having a respectful and kind attitude toward all clients. Sanwoo is founded upon meeting the needs of our clients, while upholding the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. Seeing the world from our clients' viewpoint has enabled us to build strong and lasting relationships.